Did iOS 6 Screw Your Wi-Fi? Here's How to Fix It

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A lot of iPhone and iPad users who updated to iOS 6 have been reporting that the latest and greatest software update from Cupertino has screwed their iPhone and iPad's Wi-Fi connection. As in, they can't connect. Is this happening to you?


Specifically, once users have updated their iOS devices to iOS 6, wi-fi can't stay connected on the devices and Safari kicks them to the page above. Yeah, a 'Page Not Found' web page on Apple.com. Weird. My iPad isn't having any problems so this Wi-Fi bug may not be affecting everyone and a few people have reported that the issue automagically resolved itself, but it's definitely been affecting more folks than a minor bug.

As for potential solutions? A MacRumors forum user suggest this, which seems to have fixed a few broken iOS 6 wi-fi issues:

Settings>Wi-Fi>("Your Network")> [the blue circle arrow icon]

Scroll to bottom of screen and set HTTP Proxy to Auto

Let us know your iOS 6 issues below!


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