Did Lego leak the rumored SHIELD helicarrier?

Last week, Lego released details of the newest modular building, the Detective's Office (10246) which I will be purchasing the instant it comes out in January. In the official designer video, there was an Easter egg, caught by the eagle eyes over at Groove Bricks that may confirm the rumored S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

If you watch the video, at the very beginning in the letter "G" of the intro, Marcos Bessa seems to be holding the Helicarrier. There is even a scale Quinjet above the landing platform.

On September 8th the Avengers Helicarrier hit 10,000 supprters on Lego Ideas so it has achieved the requirement to go into the review phase. Could this be the final model? The nose of it certainly looks identical to the one in the design video.


On the Brickset forums, user Rüsseltier suggests that the set (76042) will be released March 1st for the price of $349.99 making this one of the biggest and most expensive sets that Lego has ever released.

[via GrooveBricks]

[via Brickset]

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