Did the Last iOS Update Break Wi-Fi?

iPad users who remember the device's prior problems with wireless connectivity might be extra-startled by this one—many on Apple's discussion boards are claiming the issue's back after the last OS update.

Weak signals. No signals. Wavering signals. The bevy of complaints varies slightly from user to user, but all are saying their iPad and iPhone Wi-Fi connections are going to shit, post-upgrade. If this spreads further in the forums, don't be surprised by another software blip on the heels of the last.


Are any of you having similar troubles?


Nothing to See Here!

My Wi-Fi has been epicly shit since iOS4. On my iPhone 3GS however.

Since 4.3.2, the battery has been my main problem. I've had to turn 3G off to try and save a bit of battery.

When i go to bed I turn it on to Flight Mode, so if I accidentally turn it on it doesn't waste battery or if someone else does they can't see any kind of notifications. When I wake up, I leave it on Wi-Fi until I leave home. It will be at about 99% at that time. When I've left home I turn off Flight Mode and Wi-Fi (About 8:30AM), then by about 11AM, the battery would be at like 57% and that's at 2G and no use at all.

I was hoping by 4.3.3 they would have fixed that hidden problem (I'm sure it's not just me), but no, they don't seem to have. I've even told my friend who has a 3GS to not update because of the battery problem.

Meh. Perhaps I've simply fucked the battery up. Every so often I leave my phone on for a full 2 weeks, when I need to use the alarm and just charge it in the morning if it needs that. Oh well, hopefully the next gen will be out next month and I'll be getting it. Otherwise September which will be a bore -_-