There’s an ongoing debate over how much tech exposure is OK for kids, and new tools created to control their levels of consumption. I’m curious: did you grow up with rules governing technology use? Or if you’re a parent, do you set strict guidelines yourself?

I always felt lucky not to have a home situation where parental controls were placed over my Internet usage. I did encounter frustration with how much I was online, even in the dialup days. I tried to sabotage a landline phone that lit up “line 2” when I was connected, since it was often at 2am. But I wasn’t really restricted, and arguably that early adoration for the Internet is correlated with my continuing interests and occupation.


Of course, we’re in another era now, where toddlers can navigate iPads with better dexterity than many adults. The world of online connectivity has greatly expanded in scope and size. I respect that some parents think it’s important to establish guidelines for proper usage, even if I disagree with strict restrictions and monitoring data—teenagers online deserve privacy too.

But what about you? Are you a parent facing this very issue? Did you grow up with limitations on how you could use technology?

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