Dig Pot? Then Rock a Cannabis Candle This Holiday!

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Oh man. That pun in the title was like, soooo funny, man. Dig...Pot? Like a Potted Plant! Sorry about that, I just got sidetracked because of this totally awesome Cannabis-scented candle from IIKH. Straight outta NYC, these candles are made from vegetable wax and have a cotton wick for a longer and cleaner burn. You know, kind of like a totally rad bong hit, man. If Cannabis isn't quite your thing, the candles also come in other scents such as Basil, Black Tea, Hyacinth and Lime Blossom. If you want to get your stoner friend something for the holidays, this is a great gift idea. Votives are $10 and candles are $28, so why not grab a dime bag and a few votives and be creative?

Cannabis Candles from IIKH [Cool Hunting]


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