Here in the beautiful and glamourous Javits Center—brass and glass out the ass, people. (And non-existent wireless to boot). Writer Vince is on the floor, being a good helper monkey, I'm in the press office amusing you folks. The fucking WiFi here in the Javits is failing pretty regularly, so there's no telling what info we'll be able to provide.

Anyway, what have we seen so far?

  • The Nokia E61 - Very slim, very slick. The UI was a little off on the model we looked at, but it's a nice, standard Symbian OS. No problems with the QWERTY keypad.
  • eMagine - 3D headset. We harshed on it at E3 but it's shipping now. A bit cumbersome, but it works.
  • New Palms. The little white one and a higher-end one running MobiTV via WiFi. Kind of makes me rethink my PDA haterage.
  • Imation's Force Shield CD-RWs. Can't scratch it. Old, but impressive IRL.
  • More as we get it.

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