A new hacker collective emerging from the Post-Sabu SNAFU calling itself The Consortium has made its presence known by stealing Porn-purveyor Digital Playground blind.


The collective not only stole the full credit card information—which was in plaintext—and logins from some 72,000 DP customers, it obtained root access to the site's servers. This granted The Consortium unfettered access to the site's porn reserves as well as all corporate email and even the conference call system.

The group has already released the logins for all customers, as well as those for the site's admins and affiliates. The group also announced through its Twitter account that it has released over fifty porn titles. They did not, however, release any credit card information stating, "These credit cards are all plaintext but we will not be releasing or using as we do this for the love of the game not for profit and these peoples only crime was wanting some porn."


The Manwin corporation, owners of Digital Playground, did confirm that the site was forced to shutdown briefly March 5th—five days after the company bought it. The company believes the hack took place prior to the beginning of the month. [ZDNet]

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