Paying for a quick meal or drink with a debit or credit card is convenient for customers, but the lack of physical currency means there's a less of a chance of waitstaff or baristas getting a tip. At least until the tests of the DipJar digital tip jar are deemed successful and it becomes widely available.

It's designed to look and function like the tip jar you'd normally find next to a cash register. But instead of dropping in a few coins or small bills, customers just insert and remove their credit card. Each DipJar unit is programmed with a pre-determined transaction amount, which so far has been around a dollar. So if a customer wanted to leave more than that, they'd just have to swipe their credit card a couple of times. At the moment the company promises that on a dollar tip 80 cents will make it back to the intended recipient, but they hope to push that to 90 cents and higher as the device becomes more widespread. [DipJar via Digital Trends]


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