Dinosaurs to Storm Japan Through Augmented Reality Exhibit

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Japan just can't help but to tempt fate. First they produced the Godzilla movies. Now they're voluntarily bringing dinosaurs back from the dead.


As part of a 260-specimen dinosaur exhibit in Chiba, Japan, visitors will be able to see moving, life-sized dinosaurs right on the museum floor.

Running from July through September, the "Dinosaurs over time!" exhibit uses Canon video scopes to offer a "site-wide view" of 3D CG dinosaurs. Useful for both enhancing the museum-going experience and scaring children away from learning, the result is a "mixed reality" experience (also known as augmented reality) in which the analog and digital worlds combine to begin man's inevitable fall into the purely digital realm.

Sounds fun, but when Japan is crushed by a giant reptilian beast before the country uploads its collective consciousness into the Matrix, I'm gonna be the first to say I told you so. [Museum and Canon via DVICE]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

So you have to walk around with one of those wired polaroid/duck beaks?