Directors Believe 3D Movies are the Future, World Keeps Looking the Other Way

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As if most movies weren't bad enough in two dimensions, now studios and top directors believe that the future of movies will be 3D projections. According to the New York Times, people like Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Jeffrey Katzenberg are preparing films in this format, both for the creative possibilities (or so they say) and to stop piracy. More details and a poll after the jump.


Spielberg and Jackson are going to produce a trilogy based on Hergé's famous character, Tintin. Quite frankly, I don't know if I want to see a Tintin movie (I have enough with the comic book, thanks), much less see Captain Haddock and La Castafiore floating in front of me in three dimensions. Just this week at Cannes, the public was just able to see a U2 concert with an improved 3D projection system:

"The concert film gives the audience the palpable experience of being present, as the camera swivels around Bono's face, then soars over and down among the 60,000 concertgoers."


Great. Bono in 3D as some freaky Wizard of Oz, screaming about redistributing the world's wealth while he changes his band's company address to a tax-free paradise. And Katzenberg even says that we will all have "our own 3-D glasses in the same way they have sunglasses for going outside." Mmmmmm'kay. What do you think?

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Top Directors See the Future, and They Say It's in 3-D [New York Times]


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I'm fine with this, as long as:

A. I don't have to wear anything to see it in 3-D (since I wear glasses like lots of other people)

B. I can choose to NOT see it in 3-D


C. This means that all theatres are switched to 4K digital within five years.