Dirty-Rich Russian Tries to Buy B-52 Bomber on the Spot for $500 Million

While some people try to decide if an iPhone is really worth the $600, a Russian rich-man without a violin tried to buy a U.S. B-52 Stratofortress bomber a few days ago, at a Moscow air show.


Escorted by an army of bodyguards, the anonymous man approached the group of U.S. pilots who brought the plane to Russia and told them that he wanted to buy the 185ft-wingspan 8-engine aircraft straight away.

According to a reporter from the Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russian's largest newspaper, one of the members from the american group told the man that the strategic bomber was not for sale. However, if it were, the price would have been $500,000,000 "on the spot."

His answer: "That is no problem. It is such a cool machine." And indeed it is, matey, especially if you want to deliver atomic bombs —or ride them wearing a cowboy hat.

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Terminal Velocity Calculation

For a spherical object falling through air, the terminal velocity for the case of quadratic drag can be calculated from

Hailstone calculation

Other examples

function vcal(){fh=document.forms[0];def();rr=fh.r.value;dd=fh.d.value;mm=4*dd*Math.PI*Math.pow(rr,3)/3;fh.m.value=mm;fh.mg.value=mm*1000;aa=Math.PI*rr*rr;vv=Math.sqrt(2*mm*9.8/(.5*1.29*aa));fh.v.value=vv;fh.vm.value=vv*2.2369;fh.vk.value=vv*3.6}

function du(dd){fh=document.forms[0];fh.d.value=dd;fh.dg.value=dd/1000;vcal()}

function ru(rv){fh=document.forms[0];fh.r.value=rv;fh.rc.value=rv*100;vcal()}

function def(){fh=document.forms[0];if (fh.r.value==0)fh.r.value=.001;if (fh.d.value==0)fh.d.value=1000}

For a sphere of radius r = cm

and density ρ = gm/cm3 ,

the mass is m = gm,

and the terminal velocity is

vterminal = mi/hr.

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