There's an on-again off-again update for the Motorola Q smartphone that has made a quick appearance on Motorola's site and then mysteriously disappeared. A glance at the Motorola update site shows that it's back to tease mode, telling us this software update is "coming soon." Wonder what happened?

Anyway, it looks like Mot plans a few added capabilities, with highlights being the ability to use the Q as a modem with added dial-up networking functionality, some OS enhancements for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, and the ability to access websites that support frames. Get the full wonky details of the update after the jump.


Motorola Enhancements
1. Dial-Up Networking (DUN) - Q can now be used as a modem - either tethered or via Bluetooth to the PC.
2. Multiple NAI - Allows handset to be enabled for modem use on the network.

Cold Boot
1. Provides users the ability to master reset device using key-presses if device becomes locked after forgetting Device Lock password.

Proxy Server
1. Enable Q to access network via different proxies (corporate IT feature).


Motorola Software Upgrade Tool
1. Tool to conduct upgrade of prior Motorola Q Software Version
2. Available on
3. Download takes approximately 30 minutes

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Enhancements— (AKU2.4)
1. OS Enhancements
2. Improved browser experience
3. Allows Q to access websites that support frames which increases the variety of websites that a user can visit.
4. SMS to E-mail functionality now supported
5. Bluetooth separated from Airplane flight mode. Users can now independently Bluetooth while airplane mode is enabled. (E.g. Listen to Bluetooth stereo & MP3 music while on a plane)

1. Push E-mail: When new e-mail arrives in the corporate mailbox, e-mail will be pushed automatically to the Q
2. Global Address Lookup
3. Enhanced security


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