Discover Doctor Who's Old Wardrobe, Old Selves

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It only stands to reason that a time machine that's bigger inside than outside would have a very large closet indeed. Especially when said closet has a special hidden room that contains mannequins wearing all your old clothes under dramatic lighting. Upcoming Doctor Who comic The Forgotten brings back more than just the outfits of all the Doctor's previous incarnations - it brings the old incarnations back too.


Tony Lee, who's writing the new series (illustrated by Y: The Last Man co-creator Pia Guerra), explained how we'll manage to see each and every Doctor one more time:

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[I]t's always nice to revisit old friends... I think we can give more 'forgotten tales' in these short flashbacks. We have the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan meeting Egyptians; we have the Second, Jamie and Zoe meeting space lizards; the Third, Jo and The Brigadier (and pretty much most of the UNIT regulars) defeating aliens on Dartmoor; the Fourth and Romana (two) in millennium Paris; the Fifth, Tegan and Turlough facing a more recent addition in a Village cricket match; the Sixth and Peri in a courtroom; the Seventh and Ace in an alien war torn city; the Eighth alone in a Count of Monte Cristo setting; and the Ninth and Rose in the trenches of World War I. And every single one of them has been an utter joy to write... Oh and of course we have the Tenth and Martha... in a strange museum being hassled by gun happy waxworks, giant familiar spiders, robots and a mysterious and familiar bearded man.

Wait, flashbacks? Is that all we're going to get of the previous Doctors? Lee is playing coy:

Let's just say that there is a two-page double-spread panel in one of the later issues that will make all the fans excited. And by this point you'll also know exactly what's going on. I told the ending to a longtime friend and massive Doctor Who fan and he spent the next hour a gibbering wreck.

The series, from San Diego publishers IDW, launches in August.

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@Plague: I'm sure it did. My M-A-D-N-E-S-S pins made my later outfits. But my early on mismatched Bosstones plaids and heavy plaid sportcoats in a 90+ degree nightclub were both ugly and impractical. I figured it out later, but by that point my hair was much much shorter.