Disney, ESPN and ABC Widgets Could be Streaming to Yahoo TVs Soon

The WSJ has heard from those elusive sources, who're claiming that Yahoo is talking with Disney about developing TV-streaming widgets for the ESPN, ABC and Disney networks. People with Yahoo Connected TVs could stream TV shows from those networks, along with movie trailers and in ESPN's case, stats. These apps would likely be free, although the jury's still out on CBS, NBC, Showtime and Home Shopping Networks' apps, which are launching soon—potentially this quarter, when Yahoo debuts a digital store for paid-for widgets.

Despite launching a few years ago, widget TV hasn't taken off quite in the same way like boxes from Apple TV, Boxee and the like. There's still only about 100 free apps for Yahoo Connected TV, but for some people like our John Herrman, all they want is a "dumb TV."


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Hope they do invest in it. Then loose all that money due to the lack of interest from the consumer side.

Sorry for the hate, it's just that any initiative not from them isn't good enough, but they come with the craziest decisions...

Edit: ESPN is OK though, they seem to be jumping more on every platform existing than anything else... O_o