Disney's annual Japanese Expo is in full swing, and now that the giant owns Marvel and Star Wars, it means we get to see a snifter of some of merchandise for the two properties created by Japanese companies. Come see Hot Toys' Star Wars figures, A Hulkbuster figure and more, oh my!

There wasn't much Avengers merchandise at the show, other than a better look at the movie figures for Cap, Hulk and Iron Man in Hasbro's upcoming Age of Ultron-themed Marvel Legends Infinite wave:

Plus, comic Thor. One can never have too much Comic Thor. But also on display were Hasbro's 'Titan' series, the plus sized, limited articulation range of toys, including a light and sound Hulkbuster that would interact with the other Avengers figures in the line:

Kinda basic, but look how big it is! All Hulkbuster merch is good merch in my books.


On the otherhand, Star Wars had a much stronger showing. Bandai had their wave of Star Wars model kits - as you can see in the header above - and some certainly more eclectic items, including this 'Crazy Case' shaped like the Millenium Falcon, used to hold your transport cards as you swipe them in, lighting up in the process:

A very elaborate and strange looking 'Space Warp' playset based on the attack on the Death Star in A New Hope, with rails to spin starfighters around:


And this bizarre, giant sized R2-D2 Mural:

They call it a figure, but it's literally just half of R2, almost like it's a painted Carbonite slab. Huh!


Interestingly, Hot Toys also had their line of Star Wars figures available too - we've seen most of them before, but making its debut was their first Luke Skywalker, based on Luke's appearance at Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back:

Presumably there'll be more pictures released by Hot Toys in the near future, but he's looking pretty good for now. Update: The Luke on display is actually an old Sideshow/Hot Toys collaboration figure released a while back, rather than a new toy made after Hot Toys got the Star Wars license. My bad! Thanks to RKoth for pointing it out!


Meanwhile, Tomy brought the slightly disturbing with its line of Star Wars plushes. Behold the cold, stuffed eyes of this Stormtrooper legion:

How petrified does that C-3PO look? And then there was this:


AAAAAAAAH GIANT EWOKS HAVE COME TO KILL US ALL. There's also a Giant Yoda at the link, but presumably they'll only be selling the slightly-smaller versions of these toys rather than the hulking plush monstrosities on display.

[All Images via Game Watch]

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