After years of saying they're going to launch, Disney Mobile is finally available now!


The mobile service has special family oriented features that allows parents to keep track of their children.

  • Family MonitorTM: Assign allowances for phone calls, text messaging and picture messaging. Keep track of how much downloadable content your kids have purchased and limit their spending.
  • Family LocatorTM: Know exactly where your kids are by using the Disney Mobile website combined with GPS in their phones.
  • Family AlertTM: Send a message to all your family's phones that appears on the phone's top screen so it's not missed.
  • Call ControlTM: Lets parents schedule when kids can call what numbers.
  • Disney ZoneTM: Get access to various Disney entertainment.
  • Unlimited Mobile to Mobile family calls, night and weekends.
  • Free long distance, caller ID, call waiting, 411 ($1.40 a call), and roaming ($.40 a minute).


Unfortunately there's only one phone available on the service, the Pantech DM-P100. Not the coolest looking phones for your kids to carry around, but they'll live.

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