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Disney's Precursor to Zootopia, Robin Hood, Gets a Colorful New Poster

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This weekend, Disney’s Zootopia crossed $1 billion worldwide, once again proving the public loves talking animals. Okay, sure, Zootopia is also great but talking animal movies have a long history. In fact, the directors of Zootopia cited the under-appreciated 1973 Disney film Robin Hood as a huge inspiration.

So it’s kind of cool that Tuesday, June 7, these brand new, officially licensed posters for both of those films are being released by Cyclops Print Works. We’re excited to exclusively debut the Robin Hood poster by Tom Whalen.


This 24 x 36-inch screenprint is an edition of 290 and goes on sale Tuesday at 3:00pm ET at this link.


Also out tomorrow is this Zootopia poster by Joe Dunn. It’s a 20 x 30-inch, 28 color screenprint. (You read that right. A 28 color screenprint, meaning 28 separate layers are put down to make this image. Seems crazy.)

Again, these will both be available June 7 at 3:00 pm ET at this link.

And if you haven’t seen Zootopia, it’s out on home video tomorrow.