DIY: PSP, GPS Connection

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Finally, my PSP may actually become useful! This is a "simple" way to connect a GPS adapter to your PSP. It costs around $130, so it is a bit cheaper than most other GPS units. Here is what you need:

• Holux GPSlim236 (~$100)
• Intec G6704 PSP Remote Control (~$11). Alternatively you can rip the connector of your original remote control.
• USB (Mini B) cable ($5-10) (don't use the included USB power cable)
• 1K 1/4watt resistor (>$1)
• Electric tape ($2 roll)


Bust out the soldering gun and follow the somewhat complicated instructions that the guys at Deniska's have put together. Sounds like a nice little project, especially if you happen to be one of the many PSP owners who have retired the PSP for lack of good use—like myself. Thanks, wraggster.

DIY: Simple PSP-GPS hookup [Deniska]

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