Do-It-Yourself 360 Red Ring Repair Kit

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Giving up your Xbox 360 to Microsoft for four to six weeks while they repair a red ring error is fine if you can survive that long without gaming or using it as a Media Center Extender, but why would you own an Xbox 360 if you could? Team Xecuter, a mod/hacking group that's famous for making stuff like modchips, is releasing a do-it-yourself repair kit for the 360. It's worked on 18 out of 18 broken Xboxes (according to them), but we don't have any details on how the kit works. We'll check into it some more, since $12.95 is a pretty cheap price to pay for a fix you could do by yourself in your spare time. [Team Xecuter via Xbox Scene via Crunchgear]


Broken Machine

Mine was gone for 6 was not a standard RROD, but a mis-install of the Spring 07 update. I know this trick would not have worked, but am VERY curious to see what it is. I'm of the cynical mindset and think people like Schrutebuck are correct and it is something FAR lower than a $13 value - I'm thinking it's a fake receipt.