As inevitable as the sun rises and sets, there is more Age of Ultron merchandise heading into the wild - and equally inevitably, there are going to be Funko Pop! Vinyl figures based on the team. But interestingly, one of them might reveal something interesting about the movie. Update: Now with high res pictures!

First off, there's the new set of Pops shown above - allegedly leaked from the instagram of an avid collector. Unfortunately, the pictures of the 7 pops are awfully small, so it's difficult to make out much about them. Ultron looks pretty rad in pop form though, and I do love that Iron Man has his own fancy 'flying' base rather than just being a normal figure. And The Vision! Although he certainly looks much more grey-ish here than in the oodles of promotion artwork we've seen of him so far. Update: And now you can see much better pictures of each of the new Pop bobbleheads below, via Comic Book Movie:

These figures will apparently start hitting next month, too, so huzzah. Not a Black Widow in sight though, boo.


But here's the interesting bit - a pop vinyl fan site found another bit of promotion for the figures, this time revealing a Hot Topic exclusive version of The Hulk:

It's definitely part of the AoU line, as it shares the sculpt of the normal hulk - but it's interesting to see the Hulk in grey. Comic Book fans know that the original Hulk was grey before his creators decided to switch him to Green, making the grey colour part of the character's story as a sort of alternate-Hulk aspect. The red glow around his eyes is also interesting - the most recent trailer showed the Hulk (not grey at the time) with something similar while fighting Iron Man. Is this 'savage' Hulk this version? I wonder if the red implies the manipulation of Scarlet Witch rather than the Hulk going a bit crazy like he did in The Avengers.


Time will tell if the colouration means anything though. A grey Hulk on the big screen could be pretty neat.

[via Toyark and]

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