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I've been on a big Worms kick lately on my Xbox 360. It's the perfect game for four semi-sober dudes to play together, as its full of dicking each other over and explosions while being slow paced enough for even those with the most dulled reaction times to still participate. But when I've tried it with friends via Xbox Live, it just hasn't been as fun. I don't play on Xbox Live too often just because when I'm playing games, it's almost always in the company of my roommates and friends, and it's always more fun when you can slug someone for killing you in person. It's fun to play online when your friends are far away, but the game just doesn't feel as immediate when you're talking into a headset. What do you think? Do you prefer gaming online via a service such as Xbox Live, or would you rather sit on the couch next to your opponent?


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