Do You Still Have a Personal Blog?

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Once upon a time, it seemed like everyone had a LiveJournal, or Blogspot, or TypePad, or Wordpress, or ahem, Xanga. Then came the evolution of sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr which took the focus away from the blog post and emphasized the sharing of short thoughts, links, photos and whatever else. Nowadays, unless you're a writer or some sort of public personality, you probably don't have a personal blog full of "entries."


Has this aspect of internet culture completely died off?


Me too, on a domain I own. Most of the time, I try to be humorous, but occasionally I write something serious. I have done nothing to promote it (because I don't want to pay for more bandwidth) but I get about 5,000 hits a month. I am aware that doesn't mean I have 5,000 individual readers. I moderate comments, but hardly ever get one, most of those I receive are from two friends.

I did say something nice about service I received from a hotel where I stayed and received a thanks from the hotel. Obviously, they search the web for mentions of the hotel.