Do You Want To See Frank Miller's Dinosaur?

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Has comic creator and filmmaker Frank Miller abandoned the noir of his Sin City and ill-fated Spirit movie for something a bit more prehistoric? Either that, or there's some odd teasing happening on his new Twitter.

Miller, who joined Twitter this week, has already used it to preview some new Sin City artwork, but it's his last tweet of the week that grabbed our attention:

ps. DINOSAUR is coming next week.

Dinosaur? Miller's known to be working on two Batman projects for DC Comics, but other than that, he's been quiet on the creator owned front recently... Could this be an announcement of a new project, turning the clock back even further than his 300? Or perhaps just a shout-out to his very first tweet? We'll know this time next week, we presume.


Image excerpted from MIller's cover to the 100th issue of Dark Horse Presents, not this Dinosaur, whatever it may be.