Dockey miniUSB to USB Connector Saves Space

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Rather than take a long and tangled miniUSB to USB cable with you wherever you go, this swiveling Dockey condenses it all into a small, keyfob-sized connector. It's essentially just the two ends—USB and miniUSB—attached to a swiveling joint that lets you position your phone, PMP, or Bluetooth headset at just the right position to charge from your laptop. Sure, it's not that great of a product seeing as it does only one thing, but if you really need it you're going to be happy you have it—much like backscratchers, shoe horns, and smooth jazz background music on a website. [Dockey via Pinstack]


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This looks like it has a lot of potential to put undue stress on your device or computer's connectors. That, in turn, can lead to solder joints or traces breaking. A better solution would be to have the two ends with a couple of cm of cord between them. It wouldn't bundle up as nicely, but it would still save a lot of space.