Doctor Who Already Fodder For Retrospective, Say BBC

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The final Doctor Who episodes from producer Russell T Davies won't air for months yet, but that hasn't stopped the BBC from deciding that now is the time to memorialize his era, I Love The '80s-style with a new retrospective series. Starting tonight on BBC Three, Doctor Who's Greatest Moments comes from the same people who brought you Doctor Who Confidential, offering up clips from the show post-2005 and interviews with cast members including David Tennant, John Barrowman, Freema Agyeman and David Morrissey. Split into three themed episodes (Future episodes will focus on companions and the show's various enemies), the first episode focuses on the Doctor himself. Namely, on his "humor, intelligence and physicality," according to the Beeb. They leave things like his overly apologetic nature to us.

Doctor Who's Greatest Moments airs at 8pm tonight.

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