2) Hopefully this means the return of old Doctors to the show will be confined to one-off charity night events like this one. "Time Crash" was cute and charming, but the show in general has gotten a bit too self-referential. From listening to new showrunner Steven Moffat at Comic-Con, I'm mildly optimistic that he agrees with me. He told the crowd at the Who panel that he wants to create tomorrow's fan favorite characters instead of bringing back old ones, and he thinks the return of a past Doctor can't really justify more than a few minutes of story in any case. (He did leave in an escape clause, saying it was always possible he would think of a cool idea. 3) It still makes me sad that the past Doctors couldn't have gotten back together properly in 1993, when the BBC came close to making a special one-off story called "The Dark Dimension." The story sounded halfway interesting: it's an alternate universe where Tom Baker's Doctor failed to regenerate after his final story, "Logopolis," which explains why he's now so old-looking. And because of this, all the Doctors who came after him are in danger of being erased or something. Supposedly the story was killed by internecine warfare, plus the other Doctors were annoyed that Tom Baker got such a central role. So we got "Dimensions In Time" instead. (And yes, I know point 3 contradicts point 2. Now that the show's actually back on the air and successful, I'd rather not see it turn into a nostalgia-fest. But the 1993 reunion special, if it had happened, could have been great, especially with the past Doctors closer to their primes.) [Telegraph via Wired and Reuters]