Doctor Who Specials Add A Comedian

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David Tennant's two-part Doctor Who swansong just added another cast member, as comedian Lawry Lewin has signed on to play a role. As with most things to do with these specials, very little is known for sure, but the initial rumors suggest he's landed far more than a bit part.

British comedy site Chortle broke the news that Lewin has been cast in the specials. This is his first dramatic role, after appearing in the comedy shows Touch Me I'm Karen Taylor and The Life And Times Of Vivienne Vyle. He also had a bit role in the second series of Extras.

Lewin's hiring is just the latest example of Doctor Who's proud tradition of casting comedians in more dramatic roles, which has previously included Peter Kay in Love & Monsters, Lee Evans in Planet of the Dead, and, perhaps most infamously, Ken Dodd in Delta and the Bannermen. Of course, the best example of this is the third Doctor himself, as Jon Pertwee was primarily a comic actor and light entertainer before taking on the part.


There's not a lot to go on when it comes to the specifics of Lewin's role. Chortle's sources claim his character is "geeky" and "a bit of a comedy turn", neither of which is particularly shocking. More interesting is this tidbit:

"...his character plays a pivotal role in the climactic sequence of events leading to David Tennant's departure."

So, apparently the tenth Doctor's final story might all come down to an obscure comedian tackling his first dramatic part. Well, it makes as much sense as any other rumor I've heard about these specials.