Doctor Who Spoilers 06/02

As usual, Digital Spy is doing the obnoxious thing of having two fake Doctor Who spoilers mixed in with a bunch of real ones, for next Saturday's episode:

River Song sometimes shows The Doctor a little respect and asks him about erasure.

The Shadows have a proper vocalist that's not Cliff Richard.

Doctor Moon challenges someone to a game of chess on which millions of lives depend.

The Shadows take hold of River Song's diary and coerce The Doctor into using a gun because of what they discover.

A Gareth Gates-style affliction prevents Cupid from firing his arrow.

River Song tells The Doctor that he is not The Doctor.

The little girl destroys every idiot's lantern to prevent the shadows seeping into present day Earth.

A familiar female face from the past returns to give Donna some advice.

Donna ties a very important knot.

The Doctor is stunned by something River Song whispers in his ear.

This time around, I really have no clue which ones the fake spoilers might be. I'm guessing Rose pops up to give Donna advice, because that's an ongoing thing. And I'm hoping it turns out to be true that the current Doctor is in some way "not the Doctor." Just because that would be interesting. What do you think? [Doctor Who Mania]


The tenth episode of the season, "Midnight," revolves around the disappearance of Donna. And supposedly Sarah Jane, Rose and Martha are all in the TARDIS helping the Doctor track Donna down. (Note: I think the author of this particular spoiler must have gotten his/her wires crossed. I'm 99 percent sure the former companions don't show up properly until later in the season.) In the final two-parter of the season, Davros will definitely be back, and we'll see the Doctor's robot dog K-9. We'll also learn more about the Time War that claimed the Doctor's entire race. [Den Of Geek]

In the latest Doctor Who magazine, Russell T. Davies says scripts are already coming in for Torchwood season three. There are various changes in "format, cast and crew, [and] approach to storytelling." But no details yet. [Ravelry forums]


Jack B. Quick

Ok, I might be going insane, I know it's wrong to be making up theories like this, BUT... maybe she's wrong; maybe she knows the "wrong" Doctor. If, say, later in his personal timeline he regenerates and the hand regenerates too, as per the rumour, the hand then regenerates into a "fake" David Tennant-Doctor, while the proper Doc regenerates into 11. And she gets involved with "Hand-Doctor". Too far fetched...?

Obviously, there is no way they could include a future love story when no one knows if David Tennant is even going to continue the character. That's writing yourself into a corner you'd be hard pressed to get out of (without a RTDeus ex Machina), and not at all Steven Moffat's style. Either that, or the Doctor decides to change his future so he never gets involved with Song, which is kind of... boring.