Doctor Who's Best Website Runs Out Of Time

Outpost Gallifrey, the best Doctor Who fansite, will be shutting down after 13 years. The site already scaled back its operations massively two years ago, but it's still a huge blow to lose its news page and the site's forum. The forum, of course, is where so many of the best rumors about upcoming episodes pop up, as well as invaluable set photos taken by a legion of heroic fans. I have to say, I don't quite understand founder Shaun Lyon's reasoning for not handing the whole thing off to someone else:

People will wonder out loud: why don't we spin it off, or why don't I pass it along to others? Simply put, Outpost Gallifrey is nothing but a concept, a concept I created, but which now rests in the hands of the fans who utilize it every day. It's a title, and you don't need a title to continue... you already have the community. Like our site and forum, the Internet has grown exponentially. There are other communities to visit on the Internet, obviously, and we encourage you to visit them. But of course, if these communities do not serve your needs (and we expect many won't), we encourage you to take the course that I did 13 years ago: create your own space. This is, in fact, why we're giving notice to the Forum community two months early — sufficient time for our members to find their own direction, to create new communities, new forums, and perhaps utilize new methods of communication. Through the friendships and community you've created here.


Erm... but the community still needs a place to gather around, right? The thing that makes a decent website so valuable is that it does enable communities to form. Take the site away, and those communities are, effectively, gone. But here's hoping someone else steps up to the challenge of replacing this site. [Outpost Gallifrey]



Hi all,

I'm John and I mod on OG and have been part of Shaun's staff. Frankly I'm digusted at the number of people calling Shaun 'egotistical' and a 'wanker'. Shaun has been running a site around OG or DWF for thirteen years and simply put he's tired of doing it and wants to concentrate on the Gallifrey One convention that he runs in LA. The DWF was always Shaun's idea and property so he can do with it what he wants. People can shout and scream all they like, but ultimately it's his site, he built it, he paid for the servers, he dealt with the legal shit, it was ALL on his shoulders (and Steve Hill's too). So I don't blame him for wanting to shut it down, it's closure for him and there are hundreds of other places to go online to talk about Who.

It was one of the best online forums out there - people who met on there have got married, formed relationships, got work because of that place. I for one shall miss it deeply, but accept that it's time to move on. As the Doc says "everything has its time, everything dies", so enough with the hate for Shaun, move on, find something new.