Doctor Who's Matt Smith Could Star In The Harry Potter Spin-off Movies!

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Rumors swirl around the nature of Star Trek 3's villain. Disney reveals a few tiny hints about Age of Ultron. A major death that's not in the books is coming to Game of Thrones. Plus, big spoilers for The Walking Dead finale, and promo videos for Orphan Black, 12 Monkeys and Helix. Here be spoilers!


Top image: The Walking Dead.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

A rumor originally spreading from UK Tabloid The Sun (so, be wary and all that) claims that Matt Smith is interested in playing the lead role of Newt Scamander, and is in talks to take on the role ahead of filming beginning in Summer. [ MTV]

Star Trek 3

Variety is reporting that Idris Elba is currently in talks to play the villain in the movie. They also report unconfirmed news that the Klingons may take on a more antagonistic threat in this movie, following on from their brief appearance in Into Darkness.

Terminator Genisys

Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger on why the movie is a much better sequel than Terminator Salvation:

What was it about this take on the Terminator franchise that made you say, "Hey, this is the one that I need to do"?

Well, I always said that I would do another Terminator if the story was great, and I really enjoyed this story when I read it. I think that the people who were involved made me feel like this was going to be a good movie and that they were going to go all out with the project. It's not just "Let's exploit this franchise and live off of some of the great ones that we'd done in the past." They really took it seriously. They really figured out a way to continue the story and kind of ignore the last one, basically.


[ /Film]

And here he is looking battered, bruised, and partially skinless in a new "motion poster". [ First Showing]

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Disney posted a few new 'Avengers facts' that reveal some minor new bits of information about the film:

New characters entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the comic book world are Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), who have powers that have not yet been seen on screen. Pietro is lightning fast and Wanda possesses the power of telekinesis, and she is able to fire neurons in people's brains remotely using her powers and as a result can manipulate their minds.

The Hulkbuster is an iconic piece of Iron Man tech—a prebuilt super-suit designed to take on the Hulk. The Hulkbuster Armor was developed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, after they studied the Hulk's physical actions and strength levels in an effort to find a way to contain him and minimize the damage caused by his rages. A satellite in low orbit is always around Banner and at a moment's notice, Tony Stark can deploy the Hulkbuster armor, get into it and stop the Hulk in his tracks—theoretically.



Suicide Squad

Latino Review's Umberto Gonzalez has another bit of information about Deadshot in the movie:

RT! #SUICIDESQUAD #SCOOP per your request about #DEADSHOT! He has the traditional face mask with the target eye although changed to show his lower face. Dark red coloring with black. A molded bullet proof vest & he has guns on his wrists although he has a sniper rifle in most of his pieces. I think this hot #fanmade #art by razzann on devianart is pretty close to what we are going to get!


Here is the fan art attached to the message, by Razzann:

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Fantastic Four

This Instagram user posted a picture of a new poster for the movie, giving us our first decent look at the Thing, this time from the front:



The Walking Dead

The Spoiling Dead held a huge, spoiler-laden Q&A about the finale:

Q - Do we see Morgan in the finale?

A - I thought you would ask about Daryl first! Yeah, Morgan is seen camping out in the forest during the opening sequence.

Q - Is the dismembered black male Morgan?

A - No.

Q - Does he make it to the ASZ?

A - Yeah! (Along with Daryl and Aaron)

Q - Does Carl lose an eye?

A - No, Carl is still as handsome as ever.

Q - Does the ASZ get overrun by walkers?

A - No, the safe zone does not get overrun.

Q - Does anyone get killed by walkers?

A - I have a feeling I will be saying no quite a lot. No.

Q - Do we find out what the 'W' means?

A - Yes. Wolves.

Q - Do we see The Wolves at all?

A - Yes, a few of them.

Q - What about Negan?

A - Sorry to disappoint, but noooo.

Q - Does Daryl lose his hand?

A - That old Nicotero picture? No, his hand, arms, legs are all intact.

Q - Does anyone die?

A - Nobody in Rick's group dies. Daryl fans can relax.

[via Spoiler TV]

Game Of Thrones

TV Guide says a major character who survives in the books will die in the very first episode of Season 5.


TV Line's Michael Ausiello teases that Daenerys will hook up with Daario in the second episode of Season 5:

In the new season's second episode, one of the Mother of Dragons' advisors will tempt her. [TV Line Writer] Kim Roots would be very happy if that advisor were Daario — played by Michiel Huisman — and if said tempting took place while he wasn't wearing a shirt. Or pants. (Dear Universe: Please give Kim what she wants. She really, really needs this.) On a more serious note, those two crazy kids, as you are well aware, already connected carnally; if Daario is the consigliere, we're betting he's appealing to Dany's quest to take the Iron Throne.



Ruth Connell discusses why Crowley is being so nice to his mother, Rowena:

I think there's two things going on. I think there's the emotional thing underneath, where you can't help yourself. You're trying to please and trying to see what happens. But also, I think at some point he must have something to gain from it, like we were talking about before. That's what Mark always says about Crowley, that he's always however many steps ahead. I think it's quite funny. Well, hopefully it's funny. (laughs) Rowena's in Hell, and she's pretty disgruntled. And nobody wants a disgruntled Rowena messing about. So partly, I think it's giving a dog a bone in a way. And maybe there's a third reason...


[Buddy TV]


Here's Diane Ruggiero-Wright on the longevity of Liv's ability absorbency:

Are there any abilities that Liv will be keeping for more than one episode?

No. She eats the brain, she gets those abilities, and then it kind of goes away. We always joke that we should have a scene where she flushes the toilet, and then she can't speak Romanian anymore… but that would be gross, so we wouldn't do that.

But, it only will last as long as she has the brain in her system. But emotionally, I think stuff will resonate. For example, she eats the brain in Episode 2 of the passionate painter - at the end, she tries to paint and sucks at it, but the emotion of it still stays with her, but not the ability to paint.

Is there ever a time when the abilities or memories go away before they're meant to, for example, in the middle of the episode?

Definitely. We try and mix it up so it's not so predictable. We actually will have an episode towards the end where she eats two different brains in an episode. That's kind of fun, but we definitely try to mix it up.


[Ksite TV]


Winger and Alan uncover the Navy's plan to stop the virus once and for all in this clip from "Plan B".

12 Monkeys

In 1987, Leland Goines comes across the preserved corpse responsible for millions of deaths in a sneak peek from "Shonin".

And here's some promo pictures from "Paradox" — find more here. [Spoiler TV]

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Orphan Black

Get to know the wild world of Project Castor in this new trailer for Season 3.

Once Upon A Time

Here's some promo pictures from "Best Laid Plans" — as usual, more pictures here. [Spoiler TV]

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Finally, here's a new promo shot featuring Kingpin and Madame Gao, and another featuring Matt, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson, [Marvel's Daredevil on Facebook]

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