Doctor Who's New Doctor Has a New Outfit

Image: BBC
Image: BBC

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 13th Doctor has finally arrived. Sure, Jodie Whittaker might have been cast as Doctor Who’s groundbreaking new Doctor months ago, but does a Time Lord truly arrive until they’re dressed for the occasion?


The BBC has released the first official picture of Whittaker in her 13th Doctor outfit, and it’s certainly a very different look to the Doctor’s previous incarnations.

The coat lining matching the graphic on the shirt is a lovely touch, but this is a very interesting look for a new Doctor. There’s almost something Colin Baker-y about it, just with less garish colors. And a nice big coat! A nice coat is a Doctor Who must these days.

The new picture also confirms an updated exterior for the TARDIS—itself a throwback to classic Doctor Who looks for the time machine. The St. Johns Ambulance logo present in the TARDIS exteriors of the last two Doctors is now gone, and the signage has been reverted to the dark blue and black backgrounds of TARDISes past, to boot.

Doctor Who returns with a new face and new adventures in Autumn 2018.



I’m no fashion guru, so I won’t pass judgement until I see it in motion. Right now it looks a bit too similar to a certain other TV alien, but even if I don’t like it I imagine it will evolve. Capaldi’s outfit varied a lot during his run.