Does Anyone Still Work at MoviePass?

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At least a dozen times in the past year I could have sworn Moviepass—the spectacular theater subscription flameout venture—had finally gone bankrupt. Certain movies were unavailable, prices were raised and funding got tight, the unlimited plan died and was reborn worse, and each time one of these catastrophes became public, I was positive Moviepass would be no more.

For consumers anyway, it was a nice scheme while it lasted.

Improbably, however, Business Insider reported mere hours ago that four of the company’s leaders, including the executive vice president “running day-to-day operations,” are either on the way out the door or have recently parted ways with Moviepass. If there are still managers and vice presidents left to leave a company where the core economics never made a bit of sense, other, lower-level staffers are probably there, too—like survivors of an ocean liner disaster where the planned destination was “the side of an iceberg” and which arrived at top speed ahead of schedule.


Do you work at Moviepass? What’s keeping you there and what’s it like over there? We’re wishing you the best. Send us an email so we know you’re okay.