UK booze brand Strongbow has designed what it's touting as the world's first digital bottle cap that doubles as a rudimentary remote. Using RFID technology, the StartCap can do everything from turning off the lights to powering up your stereo when you crack open a cold one.

When the bottle cap is removed a hidden, and presumably shielded, RFID tag is exposed. The signal is detected and recognized by a reader, and since the RFID tags are all unique, its signature can be then used to trigger a specific action. So the bottle's capabilities are still pretty much dependent on a nearby computer, but the potential is endless. Every time you open a bottle it could automatically put your home theater into sports mode. Or simply draw the curtains and close the blinds so your neighbors can't see you drinking at 9:30 in the morning. [StartCap via PopSop via Newlaunches]