Dog Dresses Up as iPhone for Halloween Celebration

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Who says people get to have all the Halloween fun? Dress up your dog in this iPhone Halloween costume and he'll be the envy of all the other mutts. On the other hand, wearing this getup couldn't be much fun for the poor guy. Nevertheless, this is a brilliantly executed costume, even better than that Darth Vader dog costume we showed you in the past. It doesn't quite reach the level of that Croc-Eat-Dog masterpiece, though. In this case, someone really knew what he was doing when he put this one together, with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship—even laying down what looks like plexiglass for the iPhone's touchscreen. And what's that? A leash where the iPhone's headphone jack normally is? Brilliant. [Gregory Hull on flickr, via Make]




It's like a stock,....for pooches.