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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Dolphin Browser for iPhone: Gesture-Based Web Browsing and More

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Safari on the iPhone is as good as it gets for mobile browsing. But it's missing the deeper features, like true tabbed browsing, a full screen mode and a slew of other settings. Dolphin Browser adds all that.

What's it do?

Dolphin Browser has been wildly popular on Android for quite some time already but it's finally on the iPhone now. What makes Dolphin Browser stand out in the glut of third-party browser apps (tabbed browsing, porn mode, full-screen are all common now) is that it throws in a gestures features that let's you finger draw actions (like a G or a ?) that'll trigger actions (like send you to Gizmodo or Find on page). It's a clever little feature that once you get used to, will change the way you browse. The webzine feature is also nice, it turns any compatible website into a great looking feed of entries (Psst..I use webzine for Gizmodo).


Why do we like it?

It looks great (it vaguely reminds me of Lifehacker)! Even though Safari lacks the features I enjoy on third-party browsers, it's just so much prettier than the other that I can't use the third-party browsers without sticking a pruning shear through my eye socket. Dolphin is light and well designed, and that may be because of the springtime color choices, but the developers made some excellent choices: hiding the bookmarks and settings "behind" the page, only to reveal them when swiped is smart, using real tabs is a must, the webzine feature is super slick, etc.


Dolphin Browser

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