Don Cheadle Voicing Donald Duck Is Everything

Don Cheadle providing the voice of Donald Duck on Ducktales, woo-ooh.
Don Cheadle providing the voice of Donald Duck on Ducktales, woo-ooh.
Photo: Disney

Donald Duck has one of the most distinct voices in pop culture. But what if he sounded completely different?


The one-hour season finale of the adorable DuckTales revival airs this Saturday morning on the Disney Channel, and the team is pulling out all the stops. That means that the most famous Disney duck, Donald, joins the funbut in this episode, that iconic voice gets a change thanks to a special new voice box. And who does Donald Duck sound like with this new voice? Don Cheadle, of course.

Here’s an io9 exclusive video of Cheadle talking about the wild experience that is voicing Donald Duck for a Disney property.

Cheadle is right when he talks about the momentous honor it is to voice a character as well-known as Donald Duck. It’s one of those things that you simply, as a human being, would never think you’d get to do. And even if you did, it would be because you could do a great Donald Duck impression. But no, Cheadle gets to be Donald as his own voice, and that’s just awesome.

You can see the full episode, called The Shadow War!, on Saturday, August 18 at 9:30 a.m. on Disney Channel and Disney now.

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I’ve now caught up with the new DuckTales reboot and my god, it’s kind of amazing. It combines the dashing adventure of the original DuckTales with the intriguing mytharc (and tone of humor) of Gravity Falls. Which makes me really want to see a DuckTales/Gravity Falls crossover, dammit.