Dongle Plugs Into Cars and Sends Vital Information—Even GPS Locations—to Cellphones

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This little dongle plugs into any car that has an OBDII port—supposedly, most cars made after 1996 have one. Ideal for obsessive oil level-checkers and those who forget where they parked the car, it's on sale next year.

It's kind of like the "Lost My Phone" feature for iPhones. GPS locations can be sent to the phone, but also to any other numbers you've programmed it with, along with emergency services too.

Perhaps the most useful function of the AutoBot is that if you're involved in an accident which causes the airbags to pop out, the dongle sends an SMS to programmed numbers or emergency services, informing them of your location. That'd be infinitely helpful, but fingers crossed it's one of the lesser-used functions.


Oil levels, maintenance records and other such diagnostics are sent from the car to the app, which translates car-language to English.

Mavizon is hopeful they'll be able to keep the price down to under $300 when it launches next year. [Mavizon via SlashGear]