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Donnie Darko is some kind of sci-fi psychological thrillerish movie with a twist of horror and a whole lot of weird; it's hard to squeeze it into a genre. It stars a young Jake Gyllenhaal as the social awkward, possibly mentally ill Donnie, who can somehow sorta kinda time-travel and is plagued by hallucinations of a man in a terrifying bunny costume.


The plot has some nigh impenetrable bits involving metaphysics and philosophy, but where it really shines is in its eerie yet somehow totally relatable snippets of teenage life. Donnie's relationship with his kind-of-girlfriend is appropriatedly awkward and there's a conversation about the details Smurf reproduction that's classic. All together, it's a dark, gloomy, super trippy but overall enjoyable film. It seems to have just recently come to Hulu Plus, so if you haven't already seen it, you can catch it there. It's also available for rental on Amazon Instant. [Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant]


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