Don't Even Think About Ruining These Art-Inspired Cocktails by Drinking Them

Hong Kong bartender Rajendra Limbu is bringing the intoxicating effects of high art to the more pedestrian world of alcohol with cocktails that take influence from Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, and Piet Mondrian.

Each artistic recreation is hand-painted into egg white foam that floats atop these delectable drinks. How do they taste? The ingredient list for each—Mondrian’s drink includes saffron gin, chartreuse, elderflower, grenadine, and lemon bitters—would suggest they’re delicious. But it seems such a waste to ruin all that hard work by actually consuming them, even though they’ll only set you back about $20 each (a steal, considered some of the outrageous prices some bars are demanding for much simpler fare).


Fortunately, the temptation to do so is minimal, as they’ll only be served in Hong Kong’s Artesian lounge from March 23 to April 30. Might as well book that vacation now, since you’re just waiting in line for coffee, they way you seem to constantly be doing, forever, with no end in sight.

[Eater via Blouin Art Info]

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