We've seen everything from an ATM to a printer run Doom, but Ochre Jelly recently took a much more analog approach. The brickmaster built several scenes from the game out of Lego bricks. The medium does a great job of simulating those early-'90s graphics, we love so much.

Ochre Jelly, also known as Iain Heath, just posted a series of photos showing off his cyber-realistic Doom Lego set. And while the scenes are undeniably built out of Lego, you can almost see the hell beasts moving through hallways. There's even blood made of bricks to keep to remind you of what an ultraviolent game Doom is, although it's tame by today's standards.

The Doom Lego kit will be on display at BrickCon next month in Seattle. Next, it heads to Emerald City ComicCon in March of next year. But you can see all of the photos on Flickr now.


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Images via Flickr / Iain Heath