They say one is the loneliest number, and nowhere is that more true than with handguns. So Arsenal Firearms has created a double barrel .45 caliber handgun that delivers two simultaneous rounds every time you pull the triggers.

Besides looking considerably safer than just taping two handguns together, the AF2011-A1 has been engineered with custom parts and components that Arsenal Firearms claims makes it extremely accurate. From a range of 15 yards both rounds will hit a target about the size of an orange, making it perfect for hunting dangerous citrus fruits.

The gun also has twice the stopping power, since your target is actually being hit by two rounds at the same time. But that also means it will chew through ammunition twice as quickly. So in this case a bullet-filled bandolier is a must-have accessory, not just a fashionable accoutrement. [Arsenal Firearms via Uber-Review]


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