Download Zune's Preloaded MP3s Now From Idolator: Sorry, No Sir Mix-A-Lot

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Wish you could trade in your now-generic iPod instead of a Zune? Well you can't yet, so stop your whining. What you can do, if you must play your little pretend games, is dress up like a sexy nurse and download most of the preloaded songs on Zune over at Idolator. Music X-perts at Idolator note the lineup is mostly indie rock, proving that the Zune is targeted at the young, affluent, and white/pasty. Get on over there, give em a listen, so you can just get over them in a day and wipe em from your Zune on the 14th, post-haste.

UPDATE: These are RIAA baiting links, says Brian from Idolator. Better get em quick.
Predownload Zune Preload Tracks Now [Idolator]