Doxie Go Scans On Its Own and Is Now iOS Friendly

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The original version won our affections with a lovely heart graphic on the scanning button, but Doxie's latest portable scanner is all business, doing its thing without even the need for a USB connection to a computer.


Besides a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that's good for ingesting about 100 documents, the Doxie Go also features enough onboard storage to stomach up to 600 pages, or 2,400 photos. And if that's not enough, an SD slot and a flash drive friendly USB port will ensure you never run out of space. It can still be synced to a computer over USB if you prefer to offload files that way, but road warriors should be happy to hear a tether isn't necessary. With a scan speed of eight seconds per full page at 300 dpi, the Doxie Go certainly isn't a sprinter. But weighing in at just 14.2 ounces, you're trading speed here for portability.

Available some time next month for $200, the Doxie Go will set you back $50 more than the original Doxie for the privilege of leaving your laptop out of the equation. And if that appeals to you, we're assuming you're also going to want to spring for the optional $40 iPhone/iPad Sync Kit come December, which lets the Doxie Go upload files directly into your iOS device's Photo roll. [Doxie Go]


Does this have OCR compatibility?