Illustration for article titled Dreambook Cloudbook Mod Adds Touchscreen, GPS, More Ports

Cloudbook modder Azazel has done some extraordinary work to the Everex Cloudbook. His mod, called Dreambook, adds in a touchscreen display, internal 4-port USB hub, GPS unit and 4GB's of flash memory. The webcam had to get the axe to fit all the new features under the hood, but we think it is a good trade-off. Accorrding to Azazel, "There is a lot of room to work with," and in that case, we demand the webcam back. The images show the naked Dreambook mod, but it will definitely look a lot better once it gets back into its space-wasting skin. All in all, it's a great effort. Bravo, Azazel. [Cloudbooker via Gadgetell]

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