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Drexel's MacBook Machine Spits Out Free Loaner Laptops

Illustration for article titled Drexels MacBook Machine Spits Out Free Loaner Laptops

Philadelphia's Drexel University has introduced a 24 hour vending machine that dispenses MacBooks instead of sugar water and snacks. But instead of selling the laptops to staff and students, the kiosk lends them out free of charge—with proper ID—for five-hour periods.


These days a laptop is a must-have accessory for anyone pursuing higher education, so the kiosk isn't designed to be a cheap solution for those who can't afford one. Instead, it lets students who are studying at the university's library late into the night leave their own hardware at home, so they're not a target for thieves on the streets of west Philadelphia. The machine holds twelve fifteen-inch laptops in total, and while free, a $5 late fee does apply for every extra hour of use. [DrexelNOW via VentureBeat]

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I graduated from Drexel last year and this is the dumbest waste of money ever. I cant tell you how much of a waste this is . The library is literally LOADED with desktops, and the dorms are two blocks from the library. They just wanted a new way to waste money because construction wasnt doing it fast enough.