DriveAssistT Saves Cellphone Addicts From Themselves

Illustration for article titled DriveAssistT Saves Cellphone Addicts From Themselves

You know it's wrong, but you just can't help it. When your cellphone rings in the car you are compelled to answer it. New software called DriveAssistT (The extra "T" is...a silent nod to Mr. T?) aims to save you from yourself by automatically holding all of your calls when it detects that the phone is moving at car speeds. During that time, callers are greeted with a message saying, in effect, that the person they are trying to reach appears to be driving. They are also offered the option of going directly to voicemail. Currently, the creator of DriveAssistT is pitching the idea to cellular networks in hopes that it can start saving lives sometime soon. Estimates put the monthly cost at about $10 to $20 per family. [CNN]



Are we so weak that we can not even decide whether its ok to take a call or not? Can we not use our brains and decide if its a safe situation? Can we not use the caller ID so thoughtfully provided to us by heaven to decide whether its urgent or just to let it go to voice mail? Have we become that f*cking stoopid?