DRM-free iTunes Songs Have Embedded User Info

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So now that you have iTunes Plus that means you can go ahead and download DRM-free songs. Awesome, right? Yes, it's very awesome. But if you thought that meant you could now buy songs from iTunes and then torrent them to help your ratio at Senor Sleazy's Pirate Palace, you might want to hold off.


Turns out that your account information is embedded in every DRM-free AAC file you download, so if your purchased songs somehow get distributed all around the Internets, they'll be able to easily see who the culprit was. But you wanted DRM-free tunes so you could play them on multiple devices and copy them for personal use, not for piracy, right? Right guys?

TUAW Tip: Don't Torrent That Song... [TUAW]




I think that's a pretty damn convoluted scenario. I find it hard to believe that someone finding a free thumb drive in the street thinks "Sweet! Now I can Pirate some music!"

For those of you who seriously want to buy music to share with the internet at large, just buy the damn DRM'd ones, burn to a CD and re-rip it as a non-DRM'd track, like you've been doing all along. The idea of removing DRM isn't to make a Pirate's job easier, it's so that you people don't have to cause the rest of us to be inconvenienced.