Drummers Bang on Old Particle Accelerator Parts to Make Dope Beats

Last week, the touring cast from the percussion show STOMP stopped by CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, to whack old accelerator parts with drumsticks.

The CERN folks gave the musicians a tour first. Then, the stick-wielders attacked the displayed dipole magnet, that’s the big blue tube, as well as the Microcosm garden, the garden and accelerator graveyard the organization has on site have over there.


The CERN press release includes this hilarious disclaimer:

Disclaimer: No CERN objects were damaged in the making of this film. CERN does not normally encourage visitors to hit its historic objects and these trained percussionists were fully briefed beforehand to avoid fragile components.

But honestly, I’d be more worried about summoning spirits from banging on all of those accelerator corpses.



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