DS Lite Battery Pack Fattens, Extends Your Gaming

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Even with our extreme weekend Pokemon binges, the DS Lite usually doesn't have to be charged more than once every few days. Which means this DS Lite battery pack isn't for us. But for those of you who go on long car trips or plane rides, this could mean the difference between catching them all or being bored to tears.

According to Kotaku, the power pack gives you over 40 hours of gaming. It comes in the same color as your DS Lite, and can either be set to run off the DS Lite's internal pack, the battery pack, or four AA batteries.

If you can stand the fact that it's as thick as the DS Lite, then you've got a winner.


Japanese Page [Ascii via Kotaku]

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If you look at the linked page and click on the pics, you'll see it replaces the battery and battery cover on the underside of the unit, much the way the recharger stands for Wii remotes do. {Prof. Jonathan}