DS Lite Sound Shell Adds Speakers, Unnecessary Weight

Illustration for article titled DS Lite Sound Shell Adds Speakers, Unnecessary Weight

The built-in speakers on the Nintendo DS Lite may not be spectacular, but they manage to get the point—and by point we mean the musical bleeps and bloops of the latest Zelda game—across quite well. GameTech disagrees, which is why they created this Sound Shell DLite addition that not only adds slightly stronger speakers on the back, but a stand to prop your DS up in case the whole thing becomes slightly too heavy for your underdeveloped arms to lift. $30 gets you the entire contraption. [Impress via Technabob via DS Fanboy via Kotaku]



@zixpk.com: take your little spammy links and roast on the fifth ring.

if we cared enough to want to know about your website a) we could look at your GD name or b) look in your profile where everyone is given such an option to promote their site. it does not need to be appended to every comment as well.


@DashTheHand: same deal honestly. and my hands are ridiculous or anything. almost needs a slight rounded edge that's wider or something. and my pinkies hurt eventually from having no convenient location for them.


that said. this is stupid. the DS speakers are rather loud already (and decent enough quality). if i want it to sound nice i put on headphones. (i don't. the speakers are fine.)